Will Steve play guitar during the masterclass?
Steve will play, jam and demonstrate during the class, but please note that this is not a concert.



Do I need to arrive early?
Yes. You will need to arrive at the venue 60 minutes prior to the start of the class. Please be on time.



What do I need to bring with me in order to gain entry?
You will need to bring valid photo ID, your ticket and/or printout of your purchase confirmation email if you bought your tickets on line and are picking up at the box office. You may also want to bring paper and pen to take notes.



How will the jam with Steve work?
Depending on the venue and size of the crowd, the jam may differ in each city.  Steve generally asks for volunteers to come up and jam.



Can I bring my guitar for the jam?
Please check with the venue and presenter of the masterclass.
If you do bring your guitar, please make sure your guitar case is labeled accordingly with your name. ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS and Steve Vai assume no liability for guitars and is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged instruments.



Can I resell my masterclass ticket?

No. The original purchaser must show identification. Substitutions will not be allowed into the venue.



How do I cancel if I can’t attend?

Please check with the venue and presenter of the masterclass.


How do I purchase ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS as a gift for someone?

When you enter your billing info there will be a field to enter a will call name. Enter the gift recipient’s name there.



Is flash photography or recording OK?
You may not use a camera while the masterclass is taking place. Video cameras and/or recording equipment will not be allowed at any time. People who fail to follow this policy will have their cameras or devices confiscated immediately. ALIEN GUITAR SECRETS is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged cameras.



Can Steve autograph my guitar, CD etc.?
Please check with the venue or presenter of the masterclass. It is not always possible to hold an autograph session in a larger venue. If in fact an autograph session is advertised as part of the class,
Steve is happy to autograph CDs, vinyl, books and guitars, however you are responsible for the items you bring to the venue. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. You should only bring a couple of items AT MOST. Please note that in some cases only one item is allowed for signing. 



Can I give Steve a copy of my demo CD?
No. While Steve is very supporting of upcoming artists, he cannot accept your demo CDs due to legal liability. Keep them at home.



Can I give Steve a gift?
While Steve is honored and flattered, he is unable to accept gifts from masterclass participants or fans. Your presence and participation in the class is a gift itself. Please do not bring anything to give to Steve.